Internship/Study abroad

Internship semester in Germany or abroad

The internship semester is an opportunity to apply the knowledge and skills from your studies in a suitable company or organisation, thus gathering valuable work experience towards your future career.


Study Abroad Semester

You can also choose to spend a semester studying abroad as an exchange student. A semester at a university abroad offers you the chance to delve deeper into your field of study while also honing your intercultural expertise and global mindset. In addition, a semester abroad provides valuable experience with the language of your host country.

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Before you apply

… You will only be admitted upon request for the internship semester or semester abroad if you acquired the necessary credit points before starting.

… Each internship / study abroad semester must be supervised by a professor, so start speaking with your professors about supervising your semester before it’s too late!

… You must have a suitable internship already arranged. You are responsible for arranging an internship; the University has no obligation to arrange one for you. The internship supervisor decides whether your proposed internship is suitable.


Applying for your internship / study abroad semester

When all application requirements have been met and you’ve arranged an internship / study abroad slot with a host university, it’s time to submit an application. You can submit your application for admission to the internship / study abroad semester online at:…