Information for Applicants

Who can apply for the Deutschlandstipendium?

  • Students in their first semester with an exceptionally good GPA (Grade Point Average) of their university entrance qualification
    • Applicants must have been accepted to study at Rhine-Waal University, but do not have to be enrolled yet (in this case, the acceptance letter needs to be attached to the application. The proof of enrollment can be handed in later).
    • comparable foreign degrees, which also qualify to study at a german university, will also be accepted. The GPA will eventually be transferred to the german grading system. If you already received your uni-assist evaluation form, please attach it to the application.
  • already enrolled students, who have not exceeded the standard period of study* and have achieved excellent marks.

*Changes in the standard period of study due to the Corona Pandemic. 

The general extension of the standard duration of study by one semester (refer to Section 10 (1) sent. 1, Coronavirus Epidemic Ordinance for Universities) also applies to students enrolled in a degree programme in summer semester 2020, winter semester 2020-2021 or summer semester 2021. Thus students who remained in a single degree programme during this time are automatically eligible for three extensions, i.e. three additional semesters added to their standard duration of study. Students are only eligible to receive a Germany Scholarship if they have not exceeded their standard duration of study per Section 2 of the Awarding Guidelines of the Executive Board for the Deutschlandstipendium. Accordingly, the maximum possible length of a Germany Scholarship will be extended to ten semesters for undergraduates and six semesters for postgraduates.

What documents do I need to attach?

Your application can only be regarded, if the following obligatory (point 1) and possibly additional documents (point 2) are attached to the application. Please note that all documents must be written in German or English. Documents from other languages have to be translated to German or English respectively.

1. Obligatory Documents

  • completely filled online application form (incl. data protection declaration), which can be accessed through the Application Platform DSTIP.
  • Curriculum Vitae/Résumé without picture;
  • Letter of Motivation (Why are you a suitable candidate for the scholarship? In what way are you going to use the financial and non-material aid?);
  • Applicants for a study program at HSRW:
    School graduation diploma (i.e. "Abitur" or similar degrees);
  • Bachelor students in their first semester:
    University entrance qualification;
  • Bachelor students in their second or higher semester:
    University entrance qualification and current transcript of records;
  • Master students in their first semester:
    Bachelor-Certificate, including the GPA;
  • Already enrolled students:

2. Additional Documents

If you provided information on internships, employment, care, and/or social commitment, you will have to provide proof (e.g. Certificates, reccomendation letters etc.). Statmements without proof cannot be regarded for secondary criteria.

There are exceptions to this rule for statements on "Erstakademiker" (first person in family with tertiary education), and "Migrationshintergrund" (german students with  migration background). Please describe the effects of being an "Erstakademiker*in" or student with migration background on your education within your motivation letter.

Scholarship extension

If you are currently receiving a Deutschlandstipendium, have not exceeded the standard period of study, and have achieved excellent marks during the ongoing academic year, you can apply for a scholarship extension.  Extension applications must contain the following documents:

  • online application form for the extension of the scholarship, which can be accessed through the Application Plattform DSTIP.
  • current Student ID
  • Study Progress Report (Description of your experiences with the scholarship, your academic progress as well as extracurricular activities)
  • Current HIS transcript
    • you must have maintained or improved your marks since your original application or the previous scholarship year. This is not considered to be the case if your overall average has worsened by more than 0.5 grade points. If this is the case, you must submit a written explanation in order for your application to be considered.

Who will take the decision?

The selection committee suggests a rank-ordered list of applicants to the executive board. The board will then make a decision. The ranking of applicants is based on primary and secondary criteria, which you can find here (in German). The most current legally non binding english translation can be found here.

The selection process

  1. handing-in the online-applications;
  2. we will check if the applications are complete and the GPA is correct;
    • incomplete applications will not be regarded for the further steps
  3. each faculty prepares individual rank-ordered lists of their respective applicants. The share of applications each faculty receives is based on their share of enrolled students;
  4. the selection committee discusses the rank-ordered lists and forwards them to the executive board of the university. The board will take the decision to approve or to amend the lists.
  5. valid applications for the extension of the scholarship are prioritized over first-time applicants;
  6. mailing of the acceptance and rejection letters, normally within six months after handing in the application.


Additional legal information

Scholarships are awarded in accordance with German law (Gesetz zum Deutschlandstipendium). Please familiarise yourself with applicable laws and regulations before applying.

The Deutschlandstipendium does not count towards BAföG (federal student aid in Germany). If you are currently receiving a merit-based scholarship from a different institution, your application cannot be considered unless you meet the legal requirements for double-funding.

There is no legal entitlement to receiving a Deutschlandstipendium.


All information about eligibility, duration and selection criteria are given in the Awarding Guidelines of the Executive Board of Rhine-Waal University for the Deutschlandstipendium.