5:00 pm

Constitutional Meeting of the Student Parliament

Campus Kamp-Lintfort
Room 02 02 335

At the first session of the newly elected student parliament, the most important organisational decisions for the coming legislative period are made.

First, the StuPa Presidency and the Minute Takers are elected. Each elected StuPa member can be proposed for a position in the Presidency. The Presidency comprises one President and at least two deputies. Their duties include all organisational matters relating to the holding of meetings and internal communication as well as representing the StuPa externally.

Furthermore, candidates present themselves for the positions on the board of the General Student Committee (AStA) and are elected by the StuPa after questioning and consultation. The StuPa has only 60 days after the elections to elect the new AStA board. If the AStA board cannot be elected after this period, the StuPa must be re-elected.

Since the AStA is the executive organ of the constituted student body, it is important to fill the board quickly so that the AStA can fulfill its function in the service of the student body.

The committees of the StuPa are also formed during this meeting, if possible, so that they can begin their work quickly.

The meeting is open to the university public.