zdi Centre Kamp-Lintfort


“Little Scientists’ House”

The zdi Centre Kamp-Lintfort supports the “Little Scientists’ House” initiative (Haus der kleinen Forscher). Each participating school, kindergarten, after-school care facility etc. nominates two of its educational specialists, who attend special further education workshops twice a year. The zdi Centre Kamp-Lintfort brings the workshops to the specialists, where they learn about a range of interesting lessons, experiments and pedagogical techniques for a variety of specific topics: from maths, to water, air and gases. The goal of each workshop is to teach educators how to make the natural sciences, mathematics and technology truly come alive for pupils.

A total of eight thematically separate workshops are offered over the course of four years. The first workshop is focussed on the topic of Water, the second on Air. The order of subsequent workshops depends on when each respective institution began participating in the programme.

About the Workshops

The workshops, which are free to attend for all participants, are designed to equip educators with interesting ideas and lesson plans so that they can set up a variety of interesting experiments using simple, everyday materials. Participants receive experiment and research cards, comprehensive info materials that illustrate ideas for both projects and experiments in detail. As a group, participants also examine pedagogical-psychological issues and reflect on their role as educators.

Following the first workshop, each participating organisations will also receive a “Little Scientist Box” to hold their growing collection of experiment and research cards.