Start of a new semester at Rhine-Waal University of Applied Sciences

Rhine-Waal University of Applied Sciences greeted its newest students on 19 September 2016 with the official start of its orientation week on the Kleve and Kamp-Lintfort Campuses. Around 6,000 students will be enrolled at Rhine-Waal University of Applied Sciences in the winter semester 2016-17.

Rhine-Waal University of Applied Sciences’ newest ‘freshers’ are welcomed in the Audimax in Kamp-Lintfort.
Rhine-Waal University of Applied Sciences’ newest ‘freshers’ are welcomed in the Audimax in Kleve.
A VDE Award goes to Wonder Gumise, studying Electronics BSc in Kleve.
A VDE Award went to David Hötten, studying Media Communications and Computer Science BSc in Kamp-Lintfort.
The winners of the first annual MAKER Contest in the FabLab Kamp-Lintfort.

Kleve/Kamp-Lintfort, 19 September 2016: The start to a successful academic career at Rhine-Waal University of Applied Sciences began for more than 1,000 new students with the first day of orientation week 2016 in Kleve and Kamp-Lintfort. President Naderer welcomed around 680 ‘freshers’ in the Audimax auditorium in Kleve, while Kamp-Lintfort welcomed around 330 eager new students.

“You made the right choice for your future by choosing to study at Rhine-Waal University of Applied Sciences. I wish you all the best for your academic career and I am excited that we can be there with you as you lay the foundation for your future success,” said President Naderer in her welcome address to new students. “Take advantage of the international character of our University. Network with other students and partners both in Germany and elsewhere. Get to know the University during orientation week and gather lots of energy and motivation for the coming semester together with your fellow students.”

Afterwards, Sonja Northing, the mayor of Kleve, and Professor Dr Christoph Landscheidt, the mayor of Kamp-Lintfort, welcomed the new students in Kleve and Kamp-Lintfort, respectively, who will make the cities and the surrounding areas their home for the coming years.

The welcoming ceremony in Kleve also featured the VDE Award, which is given to the best students studying in the fields of electrical engineering and information technology at the University. For Electronics BSc (Faculty of Technology and Bionics in Kleve), the VDE Award winner was Wonder Gumise. For Media Communication and Computer Science B.Sc. (Faculty of Communication and Environment in Kamp-Lintfort), the recipient was David Hötten.

The ceremony in Kamp-Lintfort premiered the 1st annual MAKER Contest of the FabLab Kamp-Lintfort, in conjunction with the Sparkasse Duisburg bank. The FabLab is an advanced fabrication workshop-laboratory, where innovative ideas can be made into tangible products. The contest featured two categories, Useful Maker and Creative Maker, each of which featured three projects that were developed in the FabLab last year and promote the idea of public use of digital technology.

Orientation week 2016 will run until 23 September 2016. In the meantime, many fun and exciting activities are planned for students on both campuses. In addition to useful information events covering the ins-and-outs of studying at the University, students will also be treated to Campus and City Rallies (timed races with many tasks to complete), a pub crawl, the Homecoming Cup obstacle race, the open-air ‘Market’, a student party and more. The goal of the week is to help students get to know the University, their new homes and their new peers. It’s a fun and engaging start to each student’s career at Rhine-Waal University of Applied Sciences.

The official lecture period will begin on Monday, 26 September 2016.

Good luck to all students in the coming semester!