Dorrit Klapdor

After graduating from high school and training as a display designer, it was clear that my studies should have a marketing focus. My interest in the special challenges of university marketing was awakened during my studies at the (then) Gerhard-Mercator-U-GH Duisburg. Due to my special interest in the diverse possibilities of the up-and-coming WWW for marketing, I came to the internationally active portable battery manufacturer VARTA in Ellwangen/Jagst as an Internet coordinator in the marketing department after successfully completing my studies. There I oversaw the development of the company website and set up an intranet platform so that international sales and marketing activities could be better coordinated internally. Then I switched to management consulting. I advised customers on their website and set up a web shop for medical supplies according to customer requirements. In 2006, during my maternity leave, I founded my own small Internet consulting and service company.

Since 2014 I have been working at the Rhein-Waal University of Applied Sciences for the Society and Economics Faculty as a research assistant for business administration with a focus on public relations. Marketing for the faculty in particular is one of my focal points.

My tasks include

  •      the maintenance of the websites of the faculty
  •      Event management of the faculty
  •      Design and procurement of advertising material/give-aways
  •      Supervision of the Moodle area of the faculty (Moodle officer)
  •      Supervision of (marketing) projects