Students of the Study Course Sustainable Development Management, M.A. publish Sustainable Consumer Guide for the Lower Rhine region

An international team of students of the Master Programme Sustainable Development Management, M.A. in collaboration with the One World Net NRW, have developed a consumer guide for a sustainable lifestyle within the Lower Rhine region, as part of their project course „Applied Project in Sustainable Development“.

You do not necessarily have to be student of Sustainable Development Management to notice that sustainable consumption has gained an increased interest in the social and political spheres. Many of our everyday products are produced by international corporations, with globally spread and complex supply chains and production steps. These production processes often take place in countries that allow for unfavourable environmental and social effects. 

"While states and producers particularly do have great responsibility, we as consumers must also take personal responsibility for our consumption decisions and act towards environmental and social benefits. That is why we decided, as part of an applied project, to develop an informative shopping guide for students, but also for the general population here in the Lower Rhine area." says the project group consisting of Abraham Chibo, Adeola Ajayi, Lisa Nitschke, Regina Wilhelm and Zeynab Ahmadli as well as Sebastian van Ledden of the One World Net NRW.

In collaboration with Sebastian van Ledden from the One World Net NRW a shopping guide for a sustainable lifestyle in the Lower Rhine region has been created. The guide includes a seasonal calendar, as well as informative articles on topics such as the ecological footprint, product labels and greenwashing. The heart of the brochure are the profiles of local stores and associations in Kleve, Goch, Geldern, Weeze, Kevelaer, Xanten and Kamp-Lintfort which provide regional, organic, second-hand, locally, and fairly produced goods, as well as goods with reduced or no packaging.

The Project started in Winter Term 2019/2020 with a survey on sustainable consumption in the lower Rhine area. This has been the basis for the work on the project "Applied Project in Sustainable Development". At the end of february 2020 the work has been finished and honored with 5 CPs in the course. Furthermore the project group has proposed for grants at the Engagemnt Global, Lena Gutheil and later on Ellen Schönfeld (Study Course Coordniators of the Study Course Sustainable Development Management, M.A.) helped. It was a success - in order to finance the design and the print of 1.000 brochures the project was granted by the Organisation OpenGlobe. 

Digital Version of the Guide: