Excursion to El Salvador


In March 2019, 25 students from the bachelor programs Sustainable Tourism and International Relations under the direction of Prof. Dr. Dirk Reiser participated in an excursion to El Salvador. The varied program provided in-depth insights into the social, economic and political situation of the country, the turbulent history of El Salvador and the current state of tourism. Among other things, the students had the opportunity to exchange views with former guerrilla fighters or the German Ambassador, talked to a NGO that is looking for children worldwide who disappeared from El Salvador during the war and have been sold, visited a prison and two unique national parks. Together with employees and students of the University of El Salvador and residents of the surrounding village communities, the participants also cleaned up the coastal region of the Rio Lemper of Plastik in a sensational event. The program was rounded off with intensively prepared presentations by students, visits to craft markets and, of course, the enjoyment of the country's traditional cuisine with its matchless 'Pupusas' (round, stuffed and fried corn or rice patties), which enjoyed great popularity. The Central American country and its inhabitants have left lasting impressions with all: "I've only just realized how incredibly good we are.", draws student her conclusion. And for some of the participiants, it's already clear that this will not be the last visit to El Salvador.