Congratulations to our EPOS scholarship holders Sayed Ahmad Fahim Masoumi and Samrina Jafrin for being accepted into the highly competitive Carlo Schmid Programme

EPOS scholar Samrina Jafrin (Bangladesh) is in her 4th semester of the Master in Sustainable Development Management. She has applied for an internship at the United Nations University Vice-Rectorate in Europe under the Carlo-Schmid Programme, Programme Line C and will start her internship in August.

The EPOS scholarship holder Sayed Masoumi (Afghanistan) is also in the 4th semester of the Sustainable Development Management, M.A. programme and has applied for an internship at the United Nations Research Institute for Social Development within the framework of the Carlo-Schmid Programme, Programme Line C, and is expected to start his internship in October.

Programme line C of the Carlo-Schmid Programme explicitly refers to EPOS degree programmes in order to support students from the Global South. This means that graduates from developing and emerging countries also have the opportunity to participate in this programme. The DAAD sees this additional funding as an award for outstanding and committed graduates of the postgraduate programmes.

Further Information on the EPOS Scholarship in the study programme Sustainable Development Management, M.A. here