Research projects

This page contains a selection of ongoing research projects financed through third-party funding:


Nitrate leaching is of great concern in North Rhine-Westphalia. With agriculture and horticulture being the major contributors, means to counteract nitrogen (N) losses are gaining importance. Using cover crops (CC) as catch crops is one strategy propagated. Besides taking up N, CC also contribute to soil organic matter accumulation and soil structure improvement. Therefore, this project aims at quantifying the carbon (C) and N immobilisation capacity of CC and the C and N mineralisation of their residues.

Food Pro.tec.ts

Food production technologies for trans-boundary systems (INTERREG Va, 2016-2020)


Sensor Products for Enterprises Creating Technological Opportunities in Remote Sensing (INTERREG Va, 2016-2020)

Soil ionoMICS

Elementarzusammensetzung von Bodenmikroorganismen als Indikator zur Bodenfruchtbarkeitsbewertung, sowie C- und N-Speicherung von Böden (MKW, 2017-2020)


Wertschöpfung und nachhaltige Bewirtschaftung unternutzter Pflanzenarten der Walnusswälder Kirgisistans durch Nutzung ihres ernährungsphysiologischen Potenzials und ihrer sekundären Pflanzenstoffe (BMBF 2017-2019)


Nitrogen fertilization of intensively used grassland aims at maximising yield and optimizing quality. However, future fertilization strategies have to take limited resources and the aim of reducing negative side effects, such as gaseous (N2O, NH3, NOx) and liquid N losses (NO3-) into consideration. To reach this aim and apply the right amount of fertilizer, it is necessary to be able to predict the biomass development and N uptake in grassland.