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The Welcome Centre team consists of tutors from different countries. All of us speak at least German and English, but we also speak a few other languages as well.

In addition to our regular consultation hours throughout the week, you can also reach us through e-mail, Facebook and by phone.

Our team in Kleve

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Ricardo Fernandes

My name is Ricardo Fernandes. I am Brazilian, raised in the wonderful Rio de Janeiro, now living in Kleve for my master's degree in Sustainable Development Management. I am kind of a language freak and I speak Portuguese, English, Spanish and French, and I am currently improving my German and learning Italian. Just don't learn more at the moment for a matter of time.

I am a tutor at the Welcome Center as I appreciate the assistance I received when I landed at HSRW, and now I wish to help other students in retribution. May you have any issue and are willing to find someone to speak out, I am more than open to listen to you and do my best to help. By the way, as a proud LGBTTQI+ myself, I am always standing up for this community, as well as against gender, racial, social and any kind of discrimination and inequality. 

Ah, before I forget: good food is always our best friend!

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 Loredana Sturza

Hello! My name is Loredana. I was born in Chisinau,  Moldova, a dream country. Having a huge ambition to make a change on this planet, destiny brought me here, at HSRW, to study Biomaterial Science. I am very passionate about life. I am trying to discover its beauty and magic through knowledge. Constantly improving my personality is one of my goals, that is why you can also be part of one of my achievements. Studying in such a multicultural environment, makes me strive for a huge exchange of general knowledge with the common students from our university. This is why I applied for this job. The joy of helping and learning makes me happy and never gets me bored.  

As a Students4Students Tutor, I wish your experience with the Welcome Center is a true success. I hope you appreciate our input to maximise the efficiency and productivity. ‘May all your odds be ever in your favour!

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Ana Maria Rivas Sandoval

Hello everyone! My name is Ana Maria Rivas Sandoval, I’m from Cali-Colombia and few months ago I moved to Germany to study Gender and Diversity degree. I consider myself a very social person and I really enjoy the possibility of learning new languages. I speak Spanish, English, German and willing to learn more as possible. Two years ago, I had the opportunity to have my exchange year after high school in Germany doing a volunteer with refugees, this experience focused and shaped my desires of helping people and I still want to continue learning and helping in different ways. That’s why I’m honored to be part of the welcome center tutors and be able a support for all the students that might need someone to support in their student life struggles. 

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 Jeremias Brutscher

Hi, my name is Jeremias. I was born in Hamburg and raised in Munich, and since I like it here so much, I decided to study International Business together with International Relations. My mother tongue is German, and English has become the language of everyday use. I like to call myself fluent in Italian, even though this has rusted over the years. In the future, I’m planning on venturing into Mandarin.

Before my studies, I travelled for some time which makes me appreciate the internationality we have here in Kleve. In my free time, I also like to read, run, hike, swim, ride my bike and boulder among other things. Video games are nice as well. I also like to spend time with my friends, unless this is prohibited due to public health concerns. From my semester abroad, I know that arriving at a foreign university isn’t always easy. So when I can contribute my part to smoothening that process as a tutor of the Welcome Centre, that makes me very happy.

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 Sebastian Recalde  

Hey all! 

I’m Sebastian, I’m 22 years old and I study International Relations here at HSRW. As a Peruvian, I have a really great love for cooking and baking. I speak Spanish, English, Portuguese, my French is quite good and now I'm learning German and Italian. I really love a good book or a fantasy movie/tv show.

I became a Welcome Centre Tutor because I would love to help the student body, especially the freshmen, to have an easier transition into Uni life, help them connect.  That is why I love that my job allows me to engage further in the Student life.

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Natalia Cuesta Fuentes

Hi! My name is Natalia Cuesta. I am from Granada, the city of the Alhambra, in the southern and sunny part in Spain. I love learning new languages. I can speak Spanish and English. Currently I am improving my German and I can also speak a little bit of French. The thing that I enjoy the most is travelling and photography. I also like cooking and the art of make up. I have always been interested in economics and politics, moreover I take care of the environment. Therefore International Relations is my ideal degree.

When I arrived, I had some difficulties and the Welcome Centre helped me to find solutions. I became part of the team to help with the same passion that I experienced myself.

If you need any kind of help, just come and talk to me.

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Khaled Hany Ahmed Ibrahim Attia

Hi, my name is Khaled! I am Egyptian, grew up in Cairo. It has always been hard for me to define myself or what I do in words, but I label myself as creative. I like creating photos, videos or even music, there is something about them that keep me always looking for more. Currently, I am studying International Business after having to switch from Engineering. I speak Arabic, English and German, not much of a language freak you can see.

Becoming part of the Welcome Centre team allowed me to get even more familiar with the diverse culture we have in the university, and it definitely gave me the opportunity to improve in many ways. Going to a new country/university is not really the easiest thing to go through. It can get pretty overwhelming in the beginning, so when ever I can help to ease that up, it always makes me feel grateful!

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Ibrahim Elias 

Hi, my name is Ibrahim Elias, and I'm from Bethlehem, Palestine. I am currently starting my 4th semester in International Taxation and Law. I speak Arabic as a Mother language in addition to Fluent English and a current level of B1.2 German language. My interests lie within constant progress regardless of it being related to work, studying or training and workout.

I am currently doing my second Bachelor here in Kleve, and aside from the challenges every international student faces when moving to a new country to study, the nature of the job is similar to what I used to do in my old job in terms of problem solving, advising and counselling for better solutions.

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Chantal Fouquet

Bonjour und Hallo! My name is Chantal, half French, half German, and coming from Berlin. Now I am doing my Bachelor in Sustainable Tourism and I am currently at the end of my studies. Therefore, I can share my own experience about the life as a student in Kleve and understand the needs and difficulties of students here.

I was excited to join the Welcome Centre Team to organize events for students, to welcome and integrate them into Kleve and into the German culture. Outside from that, I love being in the nature for a walk or a hike, doing handicrafts and jewerly, inline skating, cooking, and travelling. If you need any help or have an idea for an event that you would like to share, do not hesitate to contact me.

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Lisa Garvels 

Hi, my name is Lisa and I am from the North-West of Germany! I am studying Food Sciences at HSRW Kleve. I love trying out new activities and meeting new people. Also, I am always seeking new experiences. In my free time I love dancing and spending time with friends. During my first studies, I did an exchange semester in Tenerife and now I have the possibility to spend another semester in the Netherlands (but not far away from Kleve). I can speak German, English, Spanish, a little bit of French and I am currently improving my Dutch.

As I found my passion to help other people during my scouting-work, I am happy that I can fulfill it now in the job as a Students4Students-Tutor. If you need anything - just ask! We are here to help you.

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Quoc Hung Tran 

Hi there! My name is Quoc Hung Tran. I'm from the city Ha Noi in Vietnam. You can either call me Hung or Adrian, whichever suits you really, as I know Asian names can be hard to pronounce from time to time. I am currently in my 7th Semester in Industrial Engineering. Similar to most of our friendly and lovely tutors, I speak English (of course), Vietnamese (well I'm from Vietnam after all), and a small amount of understandable German (I am still trying to actively work on it though).

As an Asian student living and studying in Germany for about 4 years until now, I understand the struggles in communication, adaptation as well as cultural barriers that most international students might have to face during their journey at Hochschule Rhein-Waal. Hence, I truly hope that, if you find yourself in a situation that would need any kind of advice, you can always ask our Welcome Centre tutor team, as we are always trying our best to help our fellow students to the best of our given ability.

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Katharina Liebhard 

Hi, my name is Katharina Liebhard and I´m happy to be studying International Relations here in such a multicultural environment. I´m from the south of Germany and I like spending time in nature, practicing sports like hiking, Yoga or dancing and cooking sessions with friends. I can speak German and English, as well as some Italian, Maltese and Spanish and I´m eager to improve my language skills and add new ones.
After I finished school, I spent a year in Malta volunteering at a childcare centre. Living on my own in a foreign country has taught me many things, such as adapting to a new culture and finding friends, that´s why I would like to help you find your way here in Germany too.

As a tutor at the Welcome Centre, I want to use the opportunity to help you as a student with any kind of issues you might have!

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Ahmad Jumaa


Hello! My name is Ahmad. I was born in Damascus, Syria. In my free time, I like going for long walks, improving my German, and enjoy trying new recipes from around the world. My passion in management and technology led me to study Industrial Engineering in Campus Kleve.

I believe through my own experience that any challenge we undergo in our lives can be a lot easier and handled in better ways if you had the opportunity to get in touch with someone who had the same situation. And by joining one of the Welcome Centre round tables could not agree more with their goal to help prospective or current students with the difficulties they are going through and therefore I decided to be part of the team.

So, if you had any question or had an issue during or before your studies don’t hesitate to contact us.

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Lina Maria Moreno-Romero 


Hi everyone! I am Lina Moreno-Romero, I’m 21 years old and Colombian. I speak English and Spanish fluently, as well as a little bit of French, and of course I am in the process of improving my German skills everyday. I truly enjoy travelling and meeting new cultures, and in general just experiencing the world . I came to Kleve to begin my studies as a Mechanical Engineer and have enjoyed every moment of it.


At the beginning coming to an entire new country was hard, it was a dramatic change. Going from knowing some things, to knowing nothing at all was very challenging. Thankfully, I reached out to the Welcome Centre, even before my arrival to Germany, and was able to get a lot of support, and help I needed. I found it a great concept that it was students helping other students. That is why I decided to join the team, to be able to provide you with a hand in any sort of aspect you need, even if you just need someone to talk to. Feel free to get in contact with us!

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Maren Janßen 


Hey! My name is Maren and I was born in Germany in a small town called Xanten. I am studying International Business and Management. My mother tongue is German but English became a daily used language for me since the study program. I love to travel, to meet new people and get to know their cultures and this is one point why I decided to study at the HSRW because it is so international.


I wanted to be a tutor at the Welcome Centre to help the students with their issues and to support them to make their study time to their best time

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Maria Alejandra Romero-Sanclemente 

Hello everyone! My name is Maria Alejandra Romero Sanclemente but most people call me Mariale. I come from Bogotá, Colombia, a city 2.640 meters above sea level in the Andes mountain range. I am currently in my 4th semester of the B.A. International Relations at the HSRW.

I love learning new languages and so far I am fluent in Spanish, German, and English. I am also trying to learn French and Italian, though, I have learned just a bit and there is still lots of room for improvement. Some of my other interests or hobbies are travelling, singing, reading, hanging out with my family and friends, dancing, watching movies, going on walks, swimming, or taking pictures to commemorate moments.

I joined the Welcome Centre not only because I love meeting people and learning about different cultures, but also because I really want to help and be of service to anyone who might need it. In moving to Germany and as I travel within it, people from different backgrounds have enriched and helped me develop my intercultural adaptation experience, which I wish to pass along with enthusiasm to others through my work. Feel free to contact me with any issue and I will do my best to help you with it!

Viet Phuong Tran 

Hey everyone! My name is Viet Phuong Tran, born and raised in Hanoi, Vietnam - a small but beautiful country located in South East Asia. I'm studying International Relations here at HSRW. Apart from Vietnamese - my mother tongue - I can speak English and German (hoping to be able to add more languages at some points in the near future :P).

Being an international student myself, I understand the struggles of settling in new environments. Having received the much-needed help throughout the admission and integrating process, I'm thrilled at the opportunity to pass on this positive experience to others. That's why I'm beyond happy and honored to be a part of the team of the Welcome Centre!

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Mushfique Ahmed Isha 

Hi Everyone! My name is Isha. I am from Bangladesh. I am studying Information Engineering and Computer Science. I can speak Bengali and English. Right now I am trying to improve my German language skill as well. I can also speak a little bit of Chinese and French. Learning different languages is my passion. I want to become a Language Genie.

When I first came to Germany, I faced lots of difficulties. At that time the Welcome Center was my only solution to solve those problems. For this reason, I have joined the team to help students with my knowledge. Different events of the Welcome Center help international students to integrate with German culture. Welcome Center helps the students to tackle their issues, so that they can concentrate on their studies and enjoy the student life.

For any kind of problem, do not hesitate to come to us. We are always ready to help you.

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Leen Hito 

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