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Unser Team besteht aus Tutor/inn/en aus den unterschiedlichsten Nationen, die aber alle mindestens sowohl deutsch, als auch englisch sprechen. Falls Ihr uns auf anderem Wege erreichen wollte, könnt ihr uns auch anrufen, eine Mail schreiben, oder auf Facebook eine Nachricht hinterlassen.

Unser Team in Kleve

Unser Team in Kamp-Lintfort


Jordi Higuera

Hello! My name is Jordi Higuera and I come from Sant Vicenç de Castellet, a little town next to Barcelona, Spain. I am currently studying Mechatronics Systems Engineering. I speak Catalan, Spanish, English and German. My hobbies include travelling, sports, music and above all hiking! I love mountains!

My motivation to become a tutor has been growing up through the semesters that I have been here. During this time, I have realized what both the students and the university need and I wanted to help as much as I could to make this place a little bit better. I was also interested in the opportunity to work in another field that is completely opposite to my studies, to get in touch with social problems and being able to provide guidance to solve them.

Do not hesitate to ask us, we do not bite!

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Delia Krüger

My name is Delia Krüger and I was born in Germany in the beautiful Ruhrgebiet in the city of Dortmund. During my high school I have spent 6 months in Australia, where I visited a high school and improved my English and after my graduation from high school here in Germany I did a volunteer year in Paraguay to learn Spanish.

I study International Relations and decided to become a Tutor, because I have realized how hard it is for international students to understand how specific procedures here in Germany work, since I have also made the experience of adapting to new cultures, and because I want to be a part of University work and share my ideas.

Feel free to contact me and I’ll be very happy to help you.

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Veronika Kudrina

My name is Veronika Kudrina. I am from Siberia, Russian Federation. I speak 4 languages: Russian, English, Kazakh and German. I study B.Sc. Bioengineering at the faculty of Life Sciences.

Before moving to Germany I studied medicine in Russia and there I participated in the community which helps international students to adapt in Siberia. I really enjoyed this experience because I could acquaint myself with cultural differences and meet people from all over the World.

I became a tutor to help students from HSRW and facilitate the process of settling down in Germany since Welcome Centre guided me a lot and it made my life easier when I was a fresher. Our team is always eager to make your life better too!

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Maziar Layeghkar

I am Maziar Layeghkar. Since 2015, I moved to Germany in order to continue my education in Mechanical Engineering. As an Iranian, I speak Farsi, also English, but I am still learning German and Turkish.

As for hobbies, motion pictures as well as politics - two themes that can alter me to a talkative person, books, music, cooking my discovered recipes and partying. Last but not least, swimming, climbing and driving.

Since having a house contract would be such a solver for oncoming bureaucratic barriers, my main concern is to help freshers find decent accommodation. Another aim is to encourage students to participate in events in view of integrating them smoothly into the new ambiance.

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Paola Andrea Teubner Diaz

Hola, Hallo, Hello, Hoi! My name is Paola Andrea Teubner Díaz, long name right?! I was born in Bogota, the capital of Colombia, but was raised in Barranquilla. At the age of 12 my family moved to Mexico, later to Germany, followed by the UK, then the Netherlands and now I am back to Germany! I could be considered a nomad!

I speak German, Spanish, English and Dutch. In Kleve I study International Relations, linked to the Faculty of Society and Economics. My hobbies are dancing to all kinds of music, reading romance and fiction books, photographing and editing pictures!

I am a tutor at the Welcome Center, because I am a very people-oriented kind of person. I like meeting new people, share my experiences and enjoy to be there for other students. One more thing: If you smiled at least once a day, then it was a good day, no matter what! Cheers!

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Michelle Urbigkeit

Hi, my name is Michelle Urbigkeit and I'm from Düsseldorf, Germany. I love learning new languages and have tried out several, for example, French, Spanish, Dutch and my newest Russian. I wanted to work as a tutor for the Welcome Centre to get to know even more interesting people from our university, because I enjoy the diversity on  our campus. I am studying Gender & Diversity and I am looking forward to helping anyone struggling with student life.

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Louisa van den Bosch

My name is Louisa van den Bosch and I am studying Sustainable Development Management. I was born and raised in this Lower Rhine area of Germany. After some years in the USA, India, Indonesia, Mexico, Bavaria and Berlin it is pretty nice to come back here. I can make good conversation in German, English and Spanish. I can also speak a little French, basic Indonesian, and even more basic Kannada.
As a Rhenish cheerful soul, I enjoy cooking sessions with friends, dancing, YouTube karaoke, travelling to new places, and watching documentaries. I am a fan of pigs and talking about toilets (there is way more about it than one might think) makes me happy. I became a tutor because I have been lost many times during my stays abroad. Thankfully, there were always amazing people who helped me out! So I want to be that person now, assisting in making this university, city, country, culture a little less overwhelming.

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Michael Völk

Welcome to HSRW and welcome to Germany. My name is Michael and I’m studying Sustainable Tourism. I was born in Germany and raised in the south of Spain. After school, I went travelling for some time, mainly in Australia, Japan and Indonesia. Other than my mother tongue, I speak Spanish, French, English and bits of Indonesian, Italian and Japanese. If you teach me some words in your language I’ll be very happy. 

I became a tutor as I hope to be able to help you, if you have any questions and help students to have a great time on campus and in Germany. What I’ve learned here is that you can talk to anybody and you’ll always find someone willing to help if you ask them. Don’t be afraid of failing, just as Einstein said: “A person who never made a mistake, never tried anything new.” Having that in mind is very motivating and might give you a good start. See you soon!!

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Hanna Liske

My name is Hanna Liske, and I was born in Kazakhstan. When I was only a few months old, my family came to Germany. I can speak German, English, and Russian and I am currently studying International Business and Social Science.

To improve my English and to experience the American lifestyle I went abroad to the United States, Orlando Florida. Since I used to be an international student, who moved more than 15 times in my life and has also gone through many ups and downs of moving and adapting to new areas, I would like to use my experience and knowledge to help other students. My primary goal is to help students who are trying to obtain their visa and the everyday struggle with translating German texts and contracts.

I became a tutor in February 2017 because I know how hard it is to live alone for the first time in a different country. Therefore, I just want to help, how I was helped.

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Samantha Geis

My name is Samantha Geis and I'm 20 years old. I was born and raised in Germany. More precisely in Aschaffenburg, a small city in Bavaria.  So my mother language is German. I can also speak English and a little bit French. Last year in september I moved to Kamp-Lintfort to study business psychology.

Before I started studying I lived a few months in Dallas, Texas. I know how hard it can be to request a visa or to get along in a foreign country at all. During this time I found a lot of new friends who helped me to settle down in America. Now it's my turn to give something back. I want to help international students to find a second home in Germany without any problems. When I came back home I worked in several social institutions like a refugee hostel, an addiction clinic or in a prison. I played concerts with my mandolin or guitar for the occupants of these constitutions. I have a passion for music. Additionally I like to have interesting conversations and meet people from all around the world. I'm one of the new employees at the welcome centre and i'm looking forward to supporting the well-practised team.

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Denyse Eitner

My name is Denyse Eitner. Although my name wouldn’t bespeak it I’m half-Italian, but I was born and raised in Germany. I can speak German, English and a little bit Italian. My hometown is Siegen, so KaLi is very new for me because I just live here since October 2017. So far, I really appreciate the “Ruhrpott” because it’s not always raining and it’s very plain compared to all the hills of Siegen.

I’m currently studying Arbeits- und Organisationspsychologie at the HSRW in Kamp-Lintfort. For a long period of time it was my wish to study Psychology because I think it’s fascinating to know how human brains as well as their interacting among each other works and what an impact the surrounding world has on oneself. I really want to use my study to help other people with all kinds of problems as much as possible, that’s the reason why I’m excited about my job as a tutor. I’m looking forward to working with other students and improve my interpersonal communication skills.

In my spare time I love reading books, having fun with my friends, listening to music (I am really into rock-music) and of course watching all kinds of series on Netflix. Additionally, I really love travelling. So, after finishing my Bachelor’s degree I want to go on a world tour.

Whenever you need help with something, feel free to ask us and we’ll do the best we can!

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