Sessional Lecturers

Current vacancies for sessional lecturers:


Faculty of Technology and Bionics, Kleve

Networks in industrial automation (WS 20/21)

Techology and quality management (WS 20/21)


Faculty of Life Sciences, Kleve

Analysis and Interpretation of Data I+II (WS 20/21)

Livestock and environment (WS 20/21)

Organic farming (WS 20/21)

Quality of plant and animal products (plants) (WS 20/21)

Quality of plant and animal products (animal-derived products) (WS 20/21)

Sustainable learning (WS 20/21)

Qualitätsmanagement und Lebensmittelsicherheit (WS 20/21)


Faculty of Society and Economics, Kleve

Einführung in die betriebswirtschaftlichen Grundlagen (WS20/21)

Group Accounting (WS 20/21)


Faculty of Communication and Environment, Kamp-Lintfort

Analysis and discrete Mathematics (WS 20/21)


International Center

Currently no vacancies