Sessional Lecturers

For general interest in lecturing at Rhine-Waal University of Applied Sciences, please send your CV to

Current vacancies for sessional lecturers:

Faculty of Technology and Bionics, Kleve

currently no vacancies

Faculty of Life Sciences, Kleve

Psychologie und Motivation (SS 2018)

Quality management of food and flowers (WS 2018)

Cellular biophysics (WS 2018)

Faculty of Society and Economics, Kleve

Innovation management (WS 2018)

Aspects of business taxation (WS 2018)

Corporate finance (WS 2018)

Faculty of Communication and Environment, Kamp-Lintfort

Computer networks (SS 2018)

Corporate aspects of international business law (WS 2018)

Klinische Psychologie (WS 2018)

Advanced research and academic writing (WS 2018)

Behavioral aspects in finance and accounting (WS 2018)