Counselling Process

You would like to know what to expect from psychological counselling at your University?

After you had contacted us by email ( we can arrange an appointment for a first individual counselling session as soon as possible. This first session (usually around 45 min), is a chance for you to talk about your personal concerns and questions. It may serve to provide an overview of your study-/life-situation, personal issues and your change objectives. You determine both, the topics and the amount of detail you are comfortable sharing. If the first session is too short to discuss your issues fully, we can arrange subsequent appointments to continue the conversation. Our counselling service generally involves one to six sessions. You can stop counselling at any time or decide to take a break and return to it at a later date. In practice, students usually need only a small number of sessions to clarify their issues, identify their own scope for action and develop manageable solution strategies.

Important to know: psychological counselling is always free of charge, absolutely confidential and can also be anonymous, if you wish. Medical confidentiality is valid towards third parties and also all employees of the University.

Psychological counselling is no nor replaces psychotherapy. If you are interested in long term therapy, we would be happy to discuss possible options with you and support your search for local psychotherapists, therapy centers or support groups.