Psychological Counselling Service

Short term counselling and support

May 2020 - psychological counselling for students at the Rhine-Waal-University of Applied Sciences started again

The summer semester 2020 - the first semester (nearly) exclusively online and off-campus - ist almost over. In addition to the usual challenges of studying there were and are currently even more challenges to overcome due to the continuing COVID-19-situation and its far-reaching restrictions. That required and requires new orientation, organisation, self-motivation and, over and over again, regulation of your own emotions.

Some of you might find it hard to cope with all of this. It´s therefore very important to communicate and stay in contact with your fellow students via phone- or video-calls or social media. Also, joint activities that are, step by step, allowed again- of course in compliance with distancing- and hygiene-measures - can be undertaken. They enrich your social life and provide mutual support.

However, students who wish to have more specified, individual psychological counselling concerning their current emotional or social situation may contact Pia Weigelt-Lindemann, psychologist, via email to to schedule an appointment. Appointments will only be held via phone calls until further notice (in English or German). Please expect waiting times because the psychological counselling service unfortunately is not staffed every day. And note: psychological counselling is no and does not replace psychotherapy!


Acute Mental Health Crisis/Case of Emergency:

You are experiencing an acute mental health crisis and need immediate help?





Studying at a University is an exciting time filled with new experiences…

At the same time you are facing yet unknown challenges: adapting to a new, different education system, adjusting to new surroundings, maybe leaving your parents and moving away from home to a new city or even country and making new friends - all accompanied by the wish and also the need to, more and more, grow independent and the pressure that comes with it. Mastering these challenges can be a fun, enriching experience but it can also lead to stress and other difficulties that may seem impossible to overcome on your own.

Do you have social, emotional, psychological or psychiatric problems that strongly affect your daily life and hinder you in succeeding your studies successfully?

If you have already spoken to persons of your trust or consulted other contact persons or institutions within and/or outside the University à Link to „Psychosocial Advising Services“  and, after that, wish or need more or specified, individual psychological counselling, then feel free to contact the “Psychological Counselling Service of the Rhine-Waal University of Applied Sciences (HSRW)”. It provides short term individual counselling and support to students. Our job is to encourage your own “self-help efforts”, meaning, we help you to better understand your concerns and discover or build up your inner strength and resources. Step by step, building upon that, we are developing and implementing manageable ways for you to deal with your concerns.

Get in Contact

For general questions or your request for an appointment, please send a short email to: Pia Weigelt-Lindemann, psychologist, She will get back to you by email with further information as soon as possible, e.g., how to schedule individual appointments. Please note: unencrypted emails are no secure form of communication. We therefore ask you, to ensure privacy, to give details of your situation only in personal conversations. à Link zu „Counselling Process“

Important to know: psychological counselling is always free of charge, absolutely confidential and can also be anonymous, if you wish. Medical confidentiality is valid towards third parties and also all employees of the University. Our psychological counselling takes into consideration the individual diversity of the origin, biography, personality and life style of the person seeking advice and is specialized in the specific challenges of student life and academic studies.  

Study-related topics in psychological counselling could, for example, be:

feelings of overload, exam anxiety, anxiety about the future or other fears, depressive mood, feelings of loneliness, social contact difficulties, self-doubt, decision conflicts or learning, motivational and attention/concentration difficulties, procrastination, family or partner problems, problems with addiction, eating behaviour, sleeping or feelings of persistent tension and study stress in general.



Pia Weigelt-Lindemann




Open consultation hours:
currently not available.


If you are experiencing a severe mental health crisis or in cases of emergency, please contact the nearest mental health hospital. Crisis/Emergencies