Shibboleth is a login system for web services with distributed authentication and authorisation.

If you want to access your library account or electronic resources such as databases and ebooks in Katalog PLUS, always log in with your university ID for authentication. The library card is only required for checking out items at the self-service terminals. If you need access to licensed databases and electronic full texts of the library from outside the university network, an additional login via EZproxy is still necessary for the time being.

External users also receive university IDs with a preset password for using Shibboleth, which must be changed the first time they log in. New users receive this data in two separate emails automatically on the day after registration. It is not possible to use electronic resources outside the university network due to licensing regulations.


Examples for university IDs

Students: 01234@students.hsrw

Employees: xx@staff.hsrw

Lecturers: LB0000@students.hsrw

External Users: Eb80000@students.hsrw


How it works

  1. Call up the desired electronic resource or your library account.
  2. Log in with your university ID. Here you can select that the login data may not be saved.
  3. Please read the consent form carefully and agree or reject it. You can withdraw your consent at any time.
  4. Logout: A central logout is not possible and not all services offer a logout. Please close the browser to prevent your user data from being used by others.


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us by email at