Microsoft Azure Dev Tools for Teaching

Microsoft Azure Dev Tools for Teaching is a Microsoft program that provides students selected tools and software within the Microsoft Azure environment for free. The software is a technology used to create, deploy, and manage applications in a large global network. With the help of this, students should be able to use professional tools early on in order to realize ideas and learn skills for the modern working world.

Developer Tools (Visual Studio, SQL Server Developer)

Server OS (Windows Server, Hyper-v Server, SQL Server, DevOps Server)

The "Microsoft Azure Dev Tools for Teaching" offer is available to all students of accredited educational institutions (universities, polytechnics, high schools, vocational and trade schools). Use of the software is restricted as follows:

"Students can use the software indefinitely for study and research purposes. The software may not be used for business or other commercial purposes. However, "Microsoft Azure Dev Tools for Teaching" has partnered with the Microsoft App Store teams to enable students to create games and applications for the Windows Store. This is the only case where students are allowed to use software available on Microsoft Azure Dev Tools for Teaching for commercial purposes. "

The complete agreement can be found under the following link: