The demand for employees with a practically-oriented while at the same time high-quality education is immense and constantly growing. With the DATEV-Licence (in german language), the Faculty of Society and Economics of the Rhine-Waal University of Applied Sciences offers students a “quality seal“ in order to support them with their career choice und practically-oriented education.

Certified Knowledge

The DATEV-Licence is a certification service of the Rhine-Waal University of Applied Sciences. It is a training offer consisting of several modules to convey theoretic sector knowledge and practical software skills – with an explicit focus on the tax advising profession.

The DATEV-Licence as an event series combines offers that require presence and offers for autodidactic learning. The contents will be conveyed by Mr. Daniel Struckmeyer in six Friday afternoon classes which will take place in the tax laboratory (02 02 007). 

By means of a practical case study, fiscal as well as software-based fundamentals are conveyed. Furthermore, you will receive access to a large database on tax law and exclusive access to the portal DATEV Students online which is also excellently suitable for preparation and follow-up.

Good, Better, the Best

Only who passes a nationally uniform test set out by DATEV receives the DATEV-Licence. The online test for the DATEV-Licence is considered as passed if the candidate obtains 61% of the maximum number of points. Especially high scores are additionally honoured with the distinction “good“ or “very good“ and are invited to DATEV in Nuremberg.

Components of the DATEV-Licence

Input Modules

Basic knowledge of financial accounting is important for the DATEV-Licence and can be refreshed if needed. For this purpose, DATEV offers an electronic knowledge test on the topic “Professional Basics of Financial Accounting“. In about one hour, you can thereby check your knowledge level and expand it with the help of the corresponding reference work. Learn more here.

The Licence at a Glance

Theoretic sector knowledge and practical software skills are central. The contents are chosen with an explicit focus on the tax advising and auditing profession. The licence is completed through a nationally uniform e-test set out by DATEV. It is thereby the first certification service of the DATEV-Partnership for Education.

Get informed about the contents of the individual components of the DATEV-Licence with the help of the following graphic:





Contact Persons for the DATEV-License in the faculty of society and economics :

Daniel Struckmeyer (Lecturer, Tax Specialist and Office-Organiser of the DATEV eG)