Summer festival of the faculty 2022

On June 29, 2022, the summer festival of the Faculty of Society and Economics took place in the KLEX garden. The faculty's festival committee had planned for weeks for an entertaining afternoon and evening. It started in bright sunshine at 2:00 p.m. with a playful competition: three teams competed against each other in various categories. From ladder golf to charades and quiz questions, the first part culminated in the award ceremony in the KLEX garden after the strong-voiced performance of newly developed faculty anthems.

Afterwards, family members also joined the colorful group and enjoyed a sunny summer evening with a varied salad buffet, grilled food and ice cream pralines. Lecturers, academic and non-academic employees and family members met in person for the first time and used the festival to get to know each other. Childcare, including imaginative face painting, was also taken care of thanks to student reinforcements from childhood education.

The enthusiastic conclusion: Thanks to the dedicated preparation, the idyllic location and of course the good-humored group of participants, it was a really all-round successful event!