Stock Exchange Simulation Game: International Business and Management, B.A. student wins!

50,000€ is a lot of money - which makes investing it all the more exciting. Bachelor students from different courses of study at the Faculty of Society & Economics at the Rhine-Waal University of Applied Science had the opportunity to successfully invest this initial capital within the framework of the stock exchange simulation game 2021.

The stock exchange simulation game is an exciting online competition in which over 98,000 students have taken part. The aim is to increase this capital through skilful transactions on the stock exchange. Fictitious purchases and sales are continuously settled at real prices and order costs during stock exchange opening hours.

International Business and Management student Leonard Hund was able to increase his initial capital by €7,126.87 through transactions within 17 weeks, which corresponds to a return of over 40% p.a.. This not only put him in first place in Kleve, but also secured him first place in NRW and fourth place in Germany with this capital increase.

Among others Keanu Herold, also an International Businss and Management student, and International Taxation and Law, B.A. student Yurii Dobrytsia, participated in the business game, which is accompanied by the interdisciplinary student project "Stock Exchange" under the direction of Prof. Dr. Ralf Bauer at the stock exchange simulation game. Keanu Herold achieved a very good third place with a final capital of 50.675,58€. In the sustainability category, Yurii Dobrytsia was able to convince and secured first place in this category.