Informational event for companies on the dual study programme International Business and Management, B.A.

The faculty of Society and Economics offers the dual study program International Business and Management, B.A. in cooperation with the Berufskolleg Kleve des Kreises Kleve. The study program includes an apprenticeship and is structured according to the new “Gocher phase model” to ensure a sophisticated mixture of work experience and academic studies. To inform about the study program that is starting in September 2022, the partners jointly organised an event at which information about the study program, the Berufskolleg and the university were shared and discussed. Sixteen companies attended online via WebEx or in presence, following the invitation by the Wirtschaftsförderung Kreis Kleve. Prof. Dr. Ralf Klapdor, dean of the faculty Society and Economics gave insights to this new concept and shared his insights on the attendees’ questions. “We created an offer for the companies that currently are forming internships with our new Gocher Phase model”, he quoted. After the presentation a discussion was broaden and held with the competent support by Mrs. Sempell, contact person of the Berufskolleg Kleve des Kreises Kleve.

The Gocher Phase Model

The students finish the program with two different degrees. They visit the Berufskolleg Kleve des Kreises Kleve, campus Goch for an apprenticeship that takes 2 ½ years on average in only 1 ½ years’ time. In the third year in their internship of becoming Industriekaufmann/Industriekauffrau or Kaufmann im Groß- und Außenhandel/ Kauffrau im Groß- und Außenhandel the examination of the IHK takes place. The written exam will be in the end of November, the oral exam in the second part of January, held by the IHK.

With the successful graduation from the IHK examination, three modules (IBM 1 6201 Introduction to Business Administration, IBM 1 6202 Introduction to Law, IBM 2 6029 Introduction to Accounting) are counted in the study program of International Business and Management, B.A. The final examination of the study programme is the Bachelor Thesis, whose topic can be chosen in cooperation with the partner company of the apprenticeship. The eighth semester concludes with the colloquium, graduating the student with the academic degree Bachelor of Arts.

You can find the requirements and the content of the study program on our website: