Guest Lectures in the Study Programme International Taxation and Law, B.A.

On December 7, 2021, Mr. Felix Schmitz, Head of Investor Relations at Klöckner & Co SE, was a guest speaker in the International Taxation and Law course. After an overview of the company's completed digital transformation, Mr. Schmitz explained the current challenges associated with sustainability reporting. These reports and the analysis of corresponding key performance indicators (KPI) are increasingly amending the traditional analysis of annual financial statements undertaken by investors. Following the lecture, Professor Dr. Merbecks' students took advantage of the discussion round for an intensive exchange with practitioners.

On December 13, 2021, Ms. Bettina Rodenberg (Head of Global Tax & Trade, Henkel Group) and Mr. Gerrit Schröder (Tax Compliance Officer, Henkel Group) were guests in the International Taxation and Law course. After a brief overview of the various business areas of the Henkel Group, Ms. Rodenberg explained the tasks and functions of the Tax & Trade Department. Mr. Schröder then reported on the current status of the implementation of the global minimum tax on corporate profits. He began by outlining the implementation stages in the political process. After that, he focused on the various challenges for the Henkel Group. Following the presentation, Professor Dr. Merbecks' students started an inspiring discussion on the challenges associated with minimum taxation at the Henkel Group.