Hygiene and Microbiology

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The working group 'Hygiene and Microbiology' led by Prof. Dirk Bockmühl has laboratories of safety level S2. The scientific focus of the working group is on research projects related to hygiene in non-clinical areas, particularly addressing questions about the antimicrobial effect of consumer products (cleaning agents, cosmetics) and their raw materials. Additionally, hygiene aspects of household appliances are researched, for example, the hygienic implications of low-temperature processes in washing and dishwashing. This involves conducting germ count determinations and testing antimicrobial products according to standards.

Moreover, the laboratory focuses on developing new detection methods. For this purpose, in addition to classic microbiological equipment and devices for automated determination of bacterial species and their phenotypic resistance profiles, molecular biological, spectrometric, and microscopic methods are also available.

With these and other methods, attempts are made to evaluate potential infection risks in non-clinical environments and to develop possible countermeasures. Unlike normative approaches, which often work with model organisms, these experiments primarily use the actual microorganisms that occur, after the composition of the corresponding microbial communities has been elucidated. These microorganisms are used both in suspension (free planktonic cells) and in biofilms (adherent cells in EPS matrix), in single and multi-species systems. This determines the antimicrobial effectiveness of products or the antimicrobial efficiency of household appliances.

In this context, companies can receive the 'Tested Hygiene' certificate from HSRW if their products meet the corresponding requirements.

Head Researcher

Prof. Dr. Dirk Bockmühl

Phone: +49 (2821) 806 73 - 208

E-mail: Dirk Bockmühl


Our Research Group is proud to be part of COMBAT (COMplex Biofilms and AMR Transmission), a multidisciplinary European consortium funded by JPIAMR, which aims to understand and control the emergence and dissemination of antimicrobial resistance in drain biofilms.

Website: https://www.combat-amr.com