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Semester Ticket

The Semester Ticket is a public transport pass for students enrolled in Germany. It’s valid for a single semester and can be used on local and regional bus/train lines in North Rhine-Westphalia, as well as for the bus route Kleve-Nijmegen and the Eurobahn to Venlo (NL). It’s not valid for Intercity (IC), Intercity Express (ICE) or Eurocity (EC) trains, nor for 1st class (no upgrades are possible either). The Semester Ticket is only valid for the person it was issued to, so you must carry a photo ID (e.g. passport) and your student ID as well. Note that the Semester Ticket is automatically included in the biannual semester fees and is otherwise not available for purchase.

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For details and changes to the Semester Ticket terms and conditions, please visit the homepage of the responsible transport authority, NIAG, at


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