Dual Study

At Kleve and Kamp-Lintfort you have the opportunity to combine the academic theory with a practical apprenticeship.


Dual study is a combined form of study which is primarily for German students, not international students. While dual study is technically open to non-German international students, the inherent German-language requirements and other contract-related concerns restrict it de facto to native Germans and/or people with extensive time and experience in Germany.

Both the subject of study and the work position must be closely related to each other. Furthermore, the student must find a private company willing to co-operate in a dual study arrangement and work out the contract specifics with the company themselves. Dual study programmes do not have restricted admissions.



In dual study, a student splits time between a private company and the university. There are different study models in the different study programs, to meet the individual needs of each program. Please have a look at the websites of the faculties for further information (links can be found in the upper right corner).

For further information please look at the individual websites or contact the Study Advisory Service.