Residence Permit Support

Übersetzung und Unterstützung

The Welcome Centre can help you if you live in ‘Kreis Kleve’ with residency permit-related questions and concerns. It is important to be aware that the tutors don’t provide any legal advice.

If you do not have proficient German knowledge, you can apply with the form of residence permit support for a tutor to accompany then to the foreign office. The Welcome Centre can guide you through all the necessary steps. It can provide support by translating; accompanying you to the appointment and helping you to understand the correct process.

If the appointment needs to be cancelled, it must be done two days in advance with this form. It is important to come prepared to the foreign office appointment.  All the required documents can be found on the official residency poster and it is important to note that you must register your address in Kleve’s city hall ( address: Minoritenstraße 1, 47533 Kleve) at least two weeks before the appointment.

We encourage you to see one of our tutors during our consultation hours in order to clarify possible open questions and avoid common mistakes/misunderstandings. It is very important to bear in mind that you must meet the tutor in front of the foreign office in time.

Application for the Residence Permit Support