How to: Meet, learn, and communicate online

This semester's learning, communicating and meeting will be very different, it will be mostly online. This can be very challenging on different levels and we want to give you some tips on how to make the most of it.

Time Management

Try to structure your time and to find a good work-life balance. Our study guide Ms Elena Buksmann is happy to help you with this issue!


IT and technical devices

Make sure to have access to all necessary tools. You find the link to our IT and the tools on the right side of this page.

Our students also have some tips about technical devices for you here.



Try to get (or even better: stay) active. You are welcome to join the university sports. This semester we offer a range of digital sports so you don't need to be present at the campus.


Get together

Get together virtually: build study groups with your fellow students, come together for online games, exchange your experiences, talk to each other! This might be not as easy as in person but maybe even more important. So get in touch with your fellow students or simply contact our student representatives on Facebook.


Prepare yourself for online communication

Online teaching and learning is much more easier if we communicate with each other. Prepare yourself for the lessons well and try to participate. How? You find some good tips below (simply click on the picture):

Find download links to Webex and more here: