Ongoing Projects on Equal Opportunities

at Rhine-Waal University of Applied Sciences

6th Call for Proposals

In 2018, Rhine-Waal University of Applied Sciences provides financial resources for innovative gender equality projects in the faculties and organizational departments of the university aiming at the integration of women’s talents and potentials in the scientific system.

Project proposals from students are being welcomed as well and can be submitted in cooperation with academic staff.

Criteria for eligibility

For projects to be accepted, they need to meet at least one of the following criteria:

  • reinforce gender equality, particularly with regard to young female scholars, or
  • focus on career-making of female academics, or
  • focus on the acquisition or support of female students in scientific disciplines in which they are underrepresented, or
  • focus on the reduction of structural barriers for women in their qualification process, or
  • focus on the integration of gender sensible subjects in research and education, or
  • in some other way contribute to gender equality in academics.

Allocation and Duration of Funding

In this call, a total of 79.000 € is provided to support projects that meet the criteria mentioned above. The maximum amount of funds that can be applied for is 10.000 € per project. The maximum duration of the project is until the end of 2018. Higher amounts of funds can be applied for when multiple organizational departments cooperate in the project or if the project is affecting more than one of the organizational units.

Application and Procedures

Applications can be submitted by students and employees of the departments and faculties of Rhine-Waal University of Applied Sciences. Personnel costs, research projects, material resources and travel costs are funded as long as they meet the criteria of eligibility. Funding for personal research projects cannot be provided.

Applications have to be submitted informally and must contain the following specifications:

  • name of the project manager and executives,
  • abstract of the project including its objective, a reference to the criteria of eligibility, a summary of the implementation steps and a time schedule (min. 2 pages),
  • list of requested funds including their intended usage,
  • signature of the project manager; signature of the faculty dean or unit manager.

Applications have to be submitted through the dean’s office or the respective management offices of the organizational departments and handed in in hard copy at the equality office (Sarah Vader, Campus Kleve). Additionally, an electronic version in pdf format should be submitted via email (

The equality commission decides on the awarding of the funds.


The deadline for the 6th call is 15.01.2018. The next call for tender will be announced in time by the equality office.


Sarah Vader, Scientific Staff in the Office for Equal Opportunities

Phone: 02842-80673-9704


Ongoing projects of students and employees within the Idea Competition regarding the Improvement of Equal Opportunities in the Faculties and Organizational Departments of Rhine‐Waal University of Applied Sciences:

  • Entwicklung und Umsetzung eines Mentorinnenprogramms für (Nachwuchs-)Wissenschaftlerinnen (Fr. Stefanie Heinrich, Hr. Georg Hauck)
  • "MINT-Mentorinnen-Programm" (Fr. Martina Bracht-Nienaber)
  • "Schülerinnen schnuppern MINT" (Fr. Martina Bracht-Nienaber, Fr. Sarah Vader, Fr. Stefanie Dederichs)
  • "Ich bin weiblich und studiere Maschinenbau, und du?" (Fr. Alina Leson, Fr. Julia Ilg)
  • Gleichstellungsfond für Nachwuchswissenschaftlerinnen (Fr. Ingrid Jungwirth, Fr. Sandra von der Weppen, Fr. Marzyieh Bakhshizadeh)