University Music

Music is part and expression of an open and diverse life on campus. It connects and strengthens the sense of community. Choir, band and orchestra rehearsals are a good way to meet and get to know other students and colleagues – also from other faculties. Knowledge horizons can be broadened, new perspectives can be found and musical transfer effects can be used.

Making music like singing in a choir, playing an instruments in an ensemble or a band helps to reduce stress and to be more concentrated during exhausting exam or working periods. Additionally, music provably increases memory and learning capacities. And: music is just fun!

Our possibilities

Take part in university music actively or try something new!

Borrow an instrument from the university: There are various instruments (among others saxophone and cello))
Play the piano: For individual or choir rehearsals there is a grant piano, a piano and a digital piano available
Voice and speech training: Get professional tips for using your voice in talks and presentations during workshops and seminars
Learn to play an instrument: Learn to play an instrument, for example guitar or a percussion instrument

Ideas, requests and suggestions are always welcome!

Rehearsal room

For individual and band rehearsals there is a room with e-drum set, keyboard and amplifiers available in Kleve. The room can also be used for singing, guitar playing and small string ensembles. Please check the table with available times here.

University orchestra Kleve

The University orchestra at the Campus Kleve aims to connect students and employees in a musical way. The rehearsals take place from October 9 on Tuesdays from 7:45 p.m. to 9:15 p.m. at the seminar room 27 on the ground floor in building 2A at the Van-den-Bergh-Straße 2 in Kleve. New musicians from all instrument groups are welcome to join the rehearsals. Apart from classical pieces, music from movies and musicals are played. Please bring your own music stand.

University choir Kleve

Singing together is more fun! Under the direction of Manfred Hendricks students and employees meet to sing in Kleve. The rehearsals take place on Wednesdays from 4:30 to 5:30 p.m. in seminar room 007 on the ground floor of building 1 (Hörsaalzentrum). Music from the Middle Ages, musicals or film songs. Nothing is impossible and ideas are always welcome. The focus lies on use of the voice for singing and speaking and the correct breathing technique. No previous experience is needed and there is no casting.


Are you interested in joining or do you have any questions? Please contact: