Academic HR Development



Rhine-Waal University of Applied Sciences (HSRW) aims to promote and support its members throughout the whole “HSRW life Cycle”: from their university degree to their appointment as a professor, while offering sufficient flexibility to open up multiple career prospects. 

The path to a professorship at a University of Applied Sciences is particularly demanding. Between the Master's degree and the professorship at a University of Applied Sciences, experience must be gained in three major areas: Research, teaching and practical experience in external organizations. In addition, numerous other skills need to be covered in the course of this career path in order to be successful on the academic and non-academic stage. 


This is precisely where SP1 comes in. The declared goals, to promote and recruit professorial staff at the HSRW and Universities of Applied Sciences throughout Germany, are:

1. to support interested academics at the HSRW on their way to a professorship by offering further training courses as part of the certificate course "On the way to a professorship at a University of Applied Sciences".

2. to support those who have been newly appointed as professors at the HSRW in their entry into professorial work at the HSRW through an structured onboarding. 


1. Certificate course "On the way to a professorship at a University of Applied Sciences"

The certificate course is aimed at HSRW academics who are sufficiently advanced in their academic career to consider the possibility of a professorship at University of Applied Sciences. The course supports participants in their "career planning and personal development" and provides further training offers in the areas of "Research & Management" and "Teaching & Communication" that are necessary for a long-term career in academia. In addition, the course offers space for participants to network. 

The certificate course takes place in cohort form over a period of nine months. 

2. Structured onboarding for newly appointed professors "My start as a professor at the HSRW"

The structured onboarding for newly appointed professors at the HSRW provides support for the first 18 months of their professorial activity from the time they are appointed. In addition to individual professorship-development-planning-meetings (PEP meetings), the onboarding includes further training modules designed to create a basis for professorial work in line with the heterogeneous professional backgrounds. In addition, the integration of newly appointed professors into the HSRW and networking with each other are essential parts of the onboarding.


Dr. Holger Angenent 

Judith Hendricks, M.A.

Andrea Podschadel