Current research focus areas

Sustainable food systems

Rhine-Waal University of Applied Science’s research into sustainable food systems runs the full gamut from working conditions in the agricultural industry, to food processing, waste recycling, innovative production systems (“food forests”, for example), 3D food printing and more. Research activities and the combined expertise of numerous researchers at Rhine-Waal University of Applied Sciences are concentrated in the areas of sustainable natural resource management, nutrition, health and bio-economy in order to strategically advance and increase awareness of future-oriented research in these fields.

More information:

  • Recorded talks from the Studium Generale lecture series on sustainable food systems in winter semester 2021-2022
  • Website dedicated to this research focus area: → Foodsystems
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Assistance and Participation

Enabling people to live a self-determined life is the main thrust of the research focus area “Assistance and Participation”. All relevant research activities across a range of fields have been concentrated here at Rhine-Waal University since early 2022. Research into ways to improve social participation is conducted in an interdisciplinary manner, meaning in close exchange with and through the lens of various scientific disciplines. Against the backdrop of an increasingly digital world, this includes not only access to knowledge, but also the optimal use of promising new technology such as personal assistance systems.

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