Coronavirus - Important Information for teachers and researchers

Start of Lectures Delayed

In order to combat the continued spread of the coronavirus, the Ministry of Culture and Science has decided to delay the start of the summer semester lecture period.

The new start of the lecture period of the summer semester is April 20, 2020; the end of the lecture period of the summer semester 2020 has been set at July 17, 2020. This applies to all research universities, universities of applied sciences, and universities of fine arts in North Rhine-Westphalia.

Recent signs have been pointing to the possibility of a delay and the coronavirus task force has already taken this scenario into account. The Rhine-Waal University of Applied Sciences has been working and planning for some time now to ensure that an eventual delay to the lecture period is implemented smoothly. An immediate consequence of this decision is that all courses scheduled for before the lecture period (workshops or block seminars, for example) must be cancelled. More information on the possible effects of this decision on examinations, internships, semesters abroad etc. will follow as soon as possible.

Students and staff are kept up to date on further developments and measures on a daily and regular basis.

A special e-mail address has been set up for further questions:

You will find further information regularly on our homepage.

Emergency staffing measures

Beginning Thursday, 19 March 2020, emergency staffing measures will be instituted at Rhine-Waal University of Applied Sciences in order to contribute to nationwide efforts to slow the spread of the coronavirus pandemic. These measures will remain in place until 19 April 2020.

Emergency staffing measures will ensure that all necessary infrastructure, laboratory operations and essential research test procedures continue to operate and that staff may perform their tasks and duties from home.

The time until these measures are instituted on Thursday should be used to prepare all non-academic staff for these new measures.

The heads of the faculties, departments, staff units and central facilities should re-organise their staff and areas in ways that ensure that tasks and duties can be performed largely through telework and that services remain available as best they can.

Staff members are only permitted to remain on campus if their presence is essential for maintaining operations. At the same time, all university-related events or gatherings, whether external or internal, regardless of the number of participants or whether they occur indoors or outdoors, are hereby cancelled. Please continue to follow the recommended hygiene precautions of the Robert Koch Institute and World Health Organization.

Important News

All lectures, seminars, labs, internships, and examinations requiring you to be on campus are cancelled from Thursday, 19 March until 19 April 2020. We are taking steps to institute emergency staffing members in the faculties together with the deans’ offices as soon as possible.

All professors and teachers at HSRW should continue to expand their remote teaching options to ensure that regular studies can commence again on 20 April 2020. The Executive Board has instructed central administrative units to assist you as best as possible with this transition.

Critical laboratory infrastructure and research test procedures will be maintained during these emergency staffing measures effective Thursday.

E-Learning Offers 

You can find all information about available e-learning tools and methods at Rhine-Waal University here:

Closure of the libraries

To protect individual health and to slow down the spread of SARS-CoV-2, the libraries at the campus Kleve and Kamp-Lintfort will be closed from 17 March 2020.

The following services are not available:

  • Borrowing media
  • Returning media
  • New registrations
  • Paying fees
  • Ordering interlibrary loan items
  • Face-to-face consulting
  • Usage of library rooms (carrels and group rooms)
  • Copiers

Of course, you will not have to pay any fees for exceeding the loan period during this period!

A comprehensive overview of current corona research can be found on the pages of the library

Closure of the canteens 

To protect individual health and to slow down the spread of SARS-CoV-2, the canteens at the campus Kleve and Kamp-Lintfort will be closed from 17 March 2020.

Events cancelled 

Until April 20, 2020 all events organised by or with Rhine-Waal University have been cancelled. This decision affects the following events: 

  • Career Days
  • DenkWerkStadt
  • Exkursionswochen
  • Girls' and Boys' Day
  • Gasthörerschaft
  • Graduation Ceremony
  • Kinder-Uni
  • Lange Nacht der Studienberatung
  • Offenes Klimahaus
  • Sneak Study
  • Schülerwettbewerb „Schüler machen MI(N)T"
  • Studierende treffen Wirtschaft
  • Tag der offenen Tür
  • Workshops
  • Freshers' Day
  • Lange Nacht der Hausarbeiten