Welcome to the Faculty of Life Sciences

Dear students,

a new phase in your life and your educational career has begun. Being a student is about taking charge of your future. You have now started down the path to a career and your time at university will set the tone for the years to come. The professors and staff at the Faculty of Life Sciences and the university as a whole are here to support you in this important endeavour every step of the way.

Success at university requires solid self-organisation and time management skills. Start to develop your own learning strategy, join study groups to exchange ideas and insights with your fellow students. Learn from the previous experiences of your student representatives. With modern and innovative teaching techniques we help you lay the groundwork for a successful future career. But we also encourage you to maintain an open and productive educational dialogue with us. We hope you will see yourself as part of the learning community at Rhine-Waal University of Applied Sciences, where together we want to shape the learning process and strive for personal betterment. The university gives you room to discover your abilities and talents, develop your skills and think ‘beyond the borders’ of your chosen field.

Prof. Dr. Peter Scholz, Dekan


Prof. Dr. Peter Scholz, Dekan