Opening Studium Generale October 16th at 7pm in the AudiMax, auditorium 1 | KLE 01 EG 005

Lecture by Prof. Dr. Alexander Struck: “What is water and what makes it special?”

This year’s Studium Generale focuses on the multifaceted topic of “water”. The first lecture in this free series  “What is water  and what makes it special?” will be presented by Prof. Dr. Alexander Struck, on October 16th at 7pm in the AudiMax, auditorium 1 (KLE 01 EG 005), on campus Kleve (Location: Wiesenstraße 35). The lecture is in German.


The development of our planet, the evolution of its diverse lifeforms and the creation of a vast range of technologies, would not have been possible without water. But why does water play such an extraordinary role in nature, technology, music, culture and philosophy?

This unique nature of water will be examined from multiple angles during this semester’s Studium Generale. In the first event on October 16th Prof. Dr. Alexander Struck, Professor of Theoretical Physics at HSRW, elucidates the physical and chemical structure of water and how these combine to give water its extraordinary properties.  A special focus is on the molecular structure of water, which is responsible for various anomalies, such as the melting and boiling point of water, and properties such as density and optical features. When compared to other substances, water is unique, as anomalies are the rule rather than the exception. Through select examples Prof. Dr. Struck will demonstrate how these special properties combine to drive many vital processes on our planet.