Nitrate Scouts - Workshop at the Solidarity Farm on the TINThof

As part of the Rheinberg Sustainability and Mobility Weeks, interested citizens took the opportunity to join a bicycle excursion to the Lower Rhine Solidarity Farm on the TINThof in Voerde/Spellen.

On the field of the SoLaWi Niederrhein, two gardeners grow vegetables for about 150 members of the Solidarity Farm. The Nitrate Scouts project was present on site. With Abdul Darwishi, the gardener, participants sampled well water and measured the nitrate concentration in the groundwater. The activity of soil life under the richly growing vegetables was also examined. The discussion that followed focused on issues of sustainable vegetable cultivation and ways in which citizens can encourage sustainable forms of cultivation and fair working conditions. Jens Harnack presented the concept of SoLaWi and Kirstin Surmann reported on the plans of the Lower Rhine organic model region to support producers of organically grown products to better market their organic products and thus contribute to more sustainable land use.

Please find more information on the Nitrate Scouts Project here