Media Communication and Computer Science students support redesign of the Museum at Burg Linn

Felix Groß and Patrick Binzenhöfer, students of the Media Communication and Computer Science degree programme at Rhine-Waal University, support curator Boris Schuffels in the planned modernization of the exhibition.

Felix Groß (2.f.l.) and Patrick Binzenhöfer (m.) with Curator Boris Schuffels. Sigrid Augustin (l.) and Monika Klingen (2.f.r) of "Bürgerstiftung" support the project.

Initially it is planned to present a new concept for both local history and chivalry in two rooms of the castle. The presentation of replicas of armour and weapons, which are on permanent loan by a Cologne collector, is to be redesigned in order to make the development of the period tangible for visitors. In a second room a knight on horseback will be on display in connection with various museum educational stations and other interesting exhibits. Felix Groß and Patrick Binzenhöfer will be responsible for the digital conception and develop various design concepts in cooperation with the curator and staff.

Curator Schuffels was able to recruit the two students as part of an internship supervised by Prof. Dr. Frank Zimmer and financed by the Bürgerstiftung Krefeld. Prior to their employment he had been convinced of the Media Communication and Computer Science students’ expertise during the presentation of an earlier project for the reconstruction of Monterburg. Supervised by Professor Zimmer and Dr Dießenbacher, students of the degree programme had spent an entire semester studying the history of the castle in close cooperation with the "Monterberg e. V." association, which aims at archaeologically researching the historic Monterburg castle site.  With their project, the students successfully supported the association by producing an informative and illustrative film about the history of the castle.

A similarly successful implementation is now hoped for the exhibition concept of Linn Castle, which is expected to be completed in early 2021. "It is fantastic that our students can support this great project with their expertise and have the opportunity to make history more accessible," emphasizes Professor Dr. Frank Zimmer.

For Felix Groß and Patrick Binzenhöfer the internship is an interesting opportunity to apply the knowledge they have gained during their studies to breathe new life into historical objects such as Linn Castle. "We hope that our work will be used for many years to come and are very happy that Bürgerstiftung Krefeld will support us even after the internship has been completed.”


Stadt Krefeld, Presse und Kommunikation, Lothar Strücken