Master's in Food Science visits DANONE NUTRICIA RESEARCH in Utrecht

Students on the Master's degree course in Food Science had the opportunity to gain exciting insights into the state-of-the-art Danone Research Centre in Utrecht, a location where research is carried out and products developed in the field of early childhood and medical nutrition in particular.

Eine Gruppe von Menschen, Studierende und Mitarbeiter der HSRW, steht auf einer Treppe, als sie die Firma Danone besuchen.

Visiting Danone in Utrecht

At the invitation of Dr Jewe Schröder, Senior Process Technologist at Danone Nutricia Research in Utrecht, students on the Master's degree course in Food Science had the opportunity to gain interesting insights into the state-of-the-art research centre, which was established in 2013 and focuses in particular on research in the field of early childhood and medical nutrition as well as the development and optimisation of corresponding products.

Importance for the students

Prof. Dr Florian Kugler, Head of the Master's degree programme in Food Science: ‘During their Master's degree, our future food scientists are trained as generalists who have a wide interdisciplinary field of activity in the food industry open to them after graduation. This excursion destination is particularly suitable for this, as students not only learn many interesting aspects about medical dietary products and their nutritional and physiological effects on the human organism, but also about the development of innovative products and their manufacturing processes. In this way, the students can further deepen the content they have learnt in various Master's modules such as ‘Product Development and Sensory Science’, ‘Food Process Technology’ and ‘Nutrition’ through practical observation on site.’

What particularly impressed us

After an introductory lecture, the students were guided through the various laboratories and were able to marvel at an artificial gastrointestinal model that is used for nutritional physiological research. Equally impressive was the research centre's technical centre, where, for example, the spray drying of liquid preparations for the production of powdered products is tested and optimised.

Prof. Dr Florian Kugler: ‘Our eventful and instructive trip to Utrecht left a lasting positive impression on all participants, so much so that some students are already making plans to start an internship or write their final thesis at the Danone Research Centre.

Many thanks to Dr Jewe Schröder for the invitation and the organisation of this great excursion!’