Insight into innovative waste management: Excursion to AEZ Asdonkshof

As part of the lecture series "Fundamentals of Environmental Protection", students on the "Quality, Environment, Safety and Hygiene" and "Sustainable Agriculture" courses went on an exciting excursion to the Asdonkshof waste disposal centre (AEZ) near Kamp-Lintfort. This visit enabled the students to gain an in-depth insight into the complex and innovative processes of modern waste management.

Ein Gruppenfoto vor dem Verwaltungsgebäude des AEZ. Die Personen tragen Schutzhelme und Warnwesten.
7. Die Gruppe befindet sich in einem Kontrollraum mit mehreren Bildschirmen. Der Raum hat Fenster mit Blick nach draußen, und die Personen konzentrieren sich auf die Bildschirme, um etwas über die Überwachungs- und Verwaltungssysteme der Anlage zu lernen.
Eine Gruppe von Personen in Schutzausrüstung, einschließlich Schutzhelmen und Warnwesten, befindet sich im AEZ und erhält Erklärungen von Herrn Kellermann, der Betriebsleiter des AEZ.
Ein Student, der einen Schutzhelm und eine Warnweste trägt, blickt durch ein Fenster auf einen großen Haufen Abfallmaterial in einem Abfallbunker.
In der Annahmehalle der Anlage ist eine Gruppe um Herr Kellermann, der Betriebsleiter des AEZ versammelt.

The AEZ, operated on behalf of the district of Wesel, plays a central role in municipal waste disposal and performs a number of important tasks in this area. The centre's main activities include the recycling and disposal of waste, the acceptance of recyclable materials and problematic waste, the marketing of used clothing and waste paper, as well as the generation of electricity and district heating. A particularly outstanding feature of the AEZ is the production of organic compost, an important contribution to sustainable agriculture and soil care.

Learning from the practical example of Asdonkshof

The students were particularly impressed by the thermal waste treatment plant, which plays a key role in the local energy supply. Mr Kellermann, the operations manager of the AEZ, gave the group a tour of the plant and impressively explained the importance and functionality of this modern technology. He emphasised how important it is to view waste not only as a problem, but also as a valuable resource that can be used efficiently.

This excursion not only provided students with a broader perspective on the challenges and solutions in the field of waste management, but also emphasised the importance of interdisciplinary approaches in environmental science and technology. The knowledge gained will certainly make a valuable contribution to their further studies and professional development. The visit to the AEZ Asdonkshof was therefore an enriching experience for all involved and a vivid example of how theoretical knowledge can be supplemented and deepened through practical observation.

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The study programmes "Quality, Environment, Safety and Hygiene" and "Sustainable Agriculture" offer practice-oriented education in the areas of environmental protection, sustainable agriculture and quality management.