Faculty's Alumni talk about their careers

Gowtham Rathinam Nedunchezhian und Sapna Handyal, graduates of the Faculty of Communication and Environment, talk about their job as well as university experience and give some valuable advice to current and future students.

Gowtham Rathinam Nedunchezhian studied Usability Engineering, M.Sc. at the Faculty of Communication and Environment and is now a usability engineer at VSF Experts GmbH in Mannheim, Germany. He points out that it was not easy to find a job but he kept trying and finally reached his goals. Today he is part of an intercultural and multilingual team that works in the fields of automotive industry and enterprise systems. He is fond of Rhine-Waal University and thinks of it as "a place where great minds come together from many different countries to make a lasting positive contribution to Germany and diverse industrial sectors." Please find the full interview here.

Sapna Handyal also earned her degree in Usability Engineering and is currently employed as a Digital Analytics Engineer at Modix GmbH in Koblenz. She also experienced some difficulties in finding her first job but her persistence finally paid off. She wants to encourage her fellow students and believes that “there is a job for everyone out there! All we need is a positive attitude and an open mind. As an international student, it is hard, at times, to realise that labour markets function differently in different regions. There is no ‘one’ best way to find a job. Keep all options open. You never know when or where an exciting opportunity might come knocking at your door. Be confident about your skills. Focus on your strengths. These are the qualities that make you who you are. It’s true that the language barrier might restrict your options to a small percentage, but realise that, in the end, all you need is one job!” Please find the full interview here.

The Faculty of Communication and Environment is very proud of their graduates and wishes them all the best for their future endeavours.

We would like to invite all of our past and future graduates to join our alumni association which aims to build and nurture a creative community of University alumni, staff and current students.