Mechanical Engineering*


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Technically Sound, Socially Competent: Staying on Top of Things as a Generalist

Modern mechanical engineers possess a broad and versatile expertise. Their technical knowledge and social management skills enable them to effortlessly bridge communication gaps between cultural and professional boundaries. They‘re professionals who can take charge in complex, rapidly-changing situations and effectively lead interdisciplinary teams in the development and marketing of innovative technical products and services in a variety of industries and sectors.

Mechanical Engineering at Rhine-Waal University of Applied Sciences

The highly interdisciplinary curriculum of our Mechanical Engineering programme links technical fundamentals in maths, IT,  mechanics, construction and electrical engineering with key soft skills, management and marketing competencies. The main goal is to convey flexible expertise and sound methodology in combination with the latest technological trends and developments in order to provide solid training which stays relevant long into the future. In addition, the programme offers numerous opportunities to develop and perfect your team skills, for example in the two semester-long projects where students work in small development teams to analyse and solve fascinating, real-world problems.

The language of instruction is English, which will not only improve your fluency through continuous and intense language training, but also give you a competitive edge that makes you stand out from other mechanical engineers.

Course Structure

Altogether the degree programme consists of seven semesters of standard study time. Basic knowledge will be taught in the first three semesters. Following this, knowledge will be intensified in semester four and five. At the same time, selections of optional courses are made to form a study profile. The practical semester or the study semester abroad will follow in semester six. The seventh and therefore last semester is for writing the undergraduate thesis. Here, we will also attach great importance to practical relevance and support any co-operation with the free economy. Furthermore, necessary skills for writing a thesis will be provided in block courses. Finally, studies will be completed with an academic conference.

The Course Structure can be found here.

Career Paths

As a mechanical engineer, your broad technical expertise and sound interpersonal skills will be in high demand in a field full of career opportunities. You‘ll be able to choose between a variety of interesting career paths.

  • Development (design, calculation, construction and testing of technical devices and systems)
  • Production (design, manufacture, operation and monitoring of technical devices and systems, testing of products and procedures, quality control)
  • Marketing and sales of technical devices and products
  • Management positions in the manufacturing industry, businesses or government bodies

Your qualifications will also be in very high demand in sectors such as energy and environmental engineering, process engineering, general mechanical and plant engineering, medical engineering, the automotive and supplier industries, the pharmaceuticals sector or service providers and small businesses.


* The degree programmes offered are suitable for part-time study in accordance with §62a HG NRW.


Place of study

Campus Kleve

Start date

Winter semester



Duration of study

7 semesters of full-time study

Study model

Full-time studies

Degree awarded

Bachelor of Science


Mandatory 8-week preparatory internship/work placement. This must be completed no later than the 4th semester enrolment deadline.

Restricted admission


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