Preparatory internship

General information about the preparatory internship

Every Bachelor student is required to complete an eight-week long preparatory internship (German: Vorpraktikum) at a company, organisation or public authority. In order to be recognised, the internship must have a clear contextual connection to the curriculum contents of a student’s degree programme.

Here you will find the rules, requirements and useful information on how to complete your preparatory internship, frequently asked questions will be answered below.

Duration of the internship

Students may choose to complete the preparatory internship in a single eight-week span, or divide it up into multiple internships at different organisations. After completion of the internship students are required to submit documentation proving the length, hours worked per week and the duties and responsibilities assumed during the internship. Requests for internship recognition can be submitted only after enrolling at Rhine-Waal University of Applied Sciences (HSRW).

Advice for international students

International students in particular are advised to complete their eight-week internship in their home country before coming to Germany and enrolling at Rhine-Waal University of Applied Sciences (HSRW). Internships at German companies and organisations often require a high level of German. However, students can avoid this language issue if they do the internship in their home country. It is also less challenging to complete the internship before or during the application process than during the short semester breaks.

Internship report

Please note that only internship reports will accepted which are submitted in the official template. The form can be found in the download area to the right.



When is the deadline?

The preparatory internship must be completed and you have to submit evidence latest at the end of your third semester but before the re-registration deadline for your fourth semester. If you have not completed and submitted the evidence on time, you will be unable to re-register for the fourth semester and will lose your student status (exmatriculation). For internal processing take a buffer of 6 - 8 weeks into account. Therefore, submit your evidence of the completed preparatory internship latest by 1st of November of your third semester.

What is the best period for the preparatory internship if I can't do it before enrolment at HSRW?

Thought should be put into it from day one at the University. Considering the briefness of the break after winter semester, there is only one possibility to complete this internship, without missing classes, and that is during the break after the summer semester. Considering that your fourth semester will be a summer semester, this gives you only one summer break in which to complete this internship (after your second semester of studies). However, of course you can complete the internship whenever you want unless you keep the deadline. So please, take care and organise yourself. Prioritise this internship!

Does previous work experience count towards the preparatory internship?

Relevant vocational and career experience can count towards the preparatory internship requirement. This applies in particular to German applicants who have acquired training at specialist schools before enrolling at Rhine-Waal University of Applied Sciences. In other cases, please contact the head of your degree programme.

What does not count towards the preparatory internship?

Previous internships (school internships, for example) cannot be counted towards the preparatory internship requirements if they were completed at institutions, companies or public authorities in contexts without a clear connection to the curriculum contents of a student’s degree programme.

Where can I find the actual regulations for the internship?

In the download area to the right.

Which documents do I need to hand in?

You have to hand in two documents: an internship report and an internship certificate.

The content of an internship must be thoroughly documented in a report for the entire duration. The report should be organised on daily basis and document all tasks, workflows and other observations in a clear and concise manner. Illustrations and sketches shall be included. Reports should not exceed two DIN A4 pages for each internship week (using appropriate font size, including illustrations/sketches). Reports may be in German or English.

The internship provider will confirm the successful conclusion of an internship with a corresponding certificate. This certificate needs to include the following:

  • Name of the internship provider, department, location, industry/sector
  • Surname, first name and date of birth of the intern
  • Start and end date of the internship
  • Full list of the tasks undertaken according to field, type and duration, as well as the number of days absent

Please note, the examination board has the right to ask the original document for further verification. If you cannot provide those original documents, we cannot accept the internship.

Where do I hand in the documents?

The documents can be uploaded within this Moodle course. Go to this Moodle page. Here you will find detailed instructions on how to upload the documents.

How long will it take to check my report?

A Professor will check the documents, it can take up to 6 - 8 weeks. The secretariat will contact you regarding the results.

I can’t find an internship, who can help me?

Use the provided links for finding internship places. Additionally, check the Moodle page of our Study Guidance & Career Service.

I couldn't complete my internship due to illness or other unforeseen circumstances but would like to enrol for the 4. semester. What can I do?

Due to missing legal basis, extensions cannot be requested. Therefore, you won't be able to enrol for the fourth semester. As soon as you have completed the internship and received the approval, you will be able to enrol again.

How often can I ask for an extension?

Extensions will not be granted since the preparatory internship is an admission requirement. The fact that the evidence can be handed in until the re-registration deadline to the fourth semester, is already considered as an extension.