Prof. Dr. Jan van der Molen

Jan van der Molen is a part-time professor in the field of international cooperation and is working at the university since 2012. His main specialization within the field of international cooperation is the governance of cross-border alliances, especially in the field of water management. Jan van der Molen is lecturing within the bachelor course International Relations and the master course Sustainable Development Management.

In his main profession, Jan van der Molen is working as an international cooperation strategist for one of the Dutch Water Authorities. In this function, he is responsible at a strategic level for two major international cooperative programs in the field of integrated water resource management, one in Eswatini and the other in Vietnam. Both programs run from 2019 to 2030.

Jan van der Molen holds a Ph.D. degree from Twente University in The Netherlands for his research on the development of cross-border alliances of non-profit organizations. Over the years he has been working in the fields of environmental research, environmental consultancy, foreign direct investments, change management consultancy, transboundary water management, and international cooperation.

Together with his wife, Jan van der Molen is living in a former fishing village in the northern part of The Netherlands.