dQVM Commission

Commission for Decentralized Quality Improvement Funds

According to §4 of the Studiumqualitätsgesetz, the tasks of the decentralized commission are to advise the Executive Committee on the appropriate use of funds and to comment on the university's progress reports in accordance with §3 Abs. 3 of the Studiumqualitätsgesetz.

In addition, the Commission itself can, in particular, make planning proposals for the appropriate use of the funds. §4 Abs. 1 of the Studiumqualitätsgesetz stipulates that the university management is obliged to take the commission's proposals into account.


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Professorial Members

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Scientific Members

Studiengangsmanagerin für Kindheitspädagogik
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Student members

Angelina Reiners

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Tais Pennisi

Katja Matussek

Anna Bystrova

Marcel Unger