Visit of the Creative Writing Workshop at the Städtisches Museum Kalkar

Making stones talk

Students from the Creative Writing Workshop at the Faculty of Society and Economics visited the exhibition "Stone Sculptures" at the Städtisches Museum Kalkar together with their lecturer Renate Schmitz-Gebel on 14 January 2023. As with every excursion, they had pens and paper in their luggage. Writing, they approached the works of art made of stone, created by Anna Kubach-Wilmsen and Wolfgang Kubach.

The students touched the sculptures and were touched by them. They traced their secrets, opened books made of stone and uncovered their stories with their imagination.

During this visit to the museum, lecturer Renate Schmitz-Gebel was also able to see how the students were becoming more and more involved with the works of art: "It is always fascinating to see the silence that develops in the room when everyone is writing and looking at a work of art. The students immerse themselves in writing, they pause. When the texts are read out afterwards, we are all fascinated by how many different thoughts, associations and interpretations are triggered and expressed by the artworks."

Because the subject of stone has so captivated everyone and inspired a variety of texts, a visit by the Creative Writing Workshop to the studio of the sculptor Christoph Wilmsen-Wiegmann, a nephew of the exhibiting artist couple, is planned for the coming semester. And there will certainly be another museum visit in the summer semester of 2023.

And here is a sample text by student Fiona Kahlau:


enorm gewaltig

zeitsäulen erdenzeugen