Excursion to the Baltic States in the study programme Sustainable Tourism, B.A.

Together with 18 students from the Sustainable Tourism and International Relations degree programmes, Prof. Dirk Reiser, Professor of Sustainable Tourism Management, and Sebastian Amrhein, research assistant in the Sustainable Tourism B.A. degree programme, set off for the Baltic States in September 2022. The aim of the 10-day excursion was to observe Latvia and Lithuania, two emerging countries in the Baltic region, in their tourism development, to identify challenges with regard to sustainable design, and to experience the emerging opportunities for the local people and their hopes for tourism.

A detailed report on the excursion was prepared by the students in Sustainable Tourism, B.A. Anne Hendricksen and Sebastian Frigger, which can be read here: https://www.hochschule-rhein-waal.de/de/fakultaeten/gesellschaft-und-oekonomie/studienangebot/nachhaltiger-tourismus-b/exkursion