Portfolio Assessment

General Information

In order to be admitted to the degree programme Information and Communication Design, candidates need to pass an aptitude test regarding their artistic/creative capability, as well as presenting corresponding university entrance qualifications. The aptitude test is necessary to ensure that candidates are capable of studying a creative subject. 

1. Dates and Deadlines

Submmission deadline for winter semester 2022/23 has passed.

2. Contacts

Questions related to the degree programme and portfolio assessment:
Email: portfolio-ICD@hsrw.eu

For all other questions, please contact our Student Service Center:
Prospective students can find a contact form and FAQs here.

Rhine-Waal students can find a contact form and FAQs here.

Exchange students please contact our International Office.
Email: international-office@hochschule-rhein-waal.de

How to apply? What qualifications do you need? Which degree programme will suit you best?
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3. Application Portfolio

In order to assess your artistic/creative capability, we need to see some examples of your work. Please submit a portfolio with 10 creative examples. They should give an impression of you and your interests. This is why we want you to decide for yourself which topic you would like to focus on and which presentation techniques you would like to use. The main objective is to visualise your interest in design and your creative talent. Your work should convey what you are trying to say without the need for any additional explanation.

Most of all we are interested in creativity and richness of ideas. Your work can scarcely be too daring or too unconventional. We are going to assess your concepts and ideas rather than the perfection of your techniques – the later are subject to your studies.

The submitted work will be assessed according to the following criteria: power of observation, imagination and presentation skills. We recommend that you do not submit factual drawings featuring a lifelike reproduction of an object, as these do not reveal enough of you and your talent.

You may hand in paintings, drawings, texts, collages, photographs, films or photographs of 3D works. Any means of artistic representation is permitted. Simply use the methods that you like working with. The ability to draw is explicitly not a prerequisite for admission to the course - but if you can draw well, you may of course use your talent.

The works you submit do not have to be on the same topic.

4. Portfolio advice

In order to get our feedback, you are welcome to submit your work in digital form by email attachment to portfolio-ICD@hsrw.eu. Please send your portfolio in one single PDF file of max 10 MB.

5. Submission deadline

Deadline for applications for winter semester 2022/23 has passed.

6. Information on Results

You will receive the results of your application by email shortly after your portfolio has been assessed. Experience has shown that mails are sometimes send to spam by mistake, so we would advice you to check your spam folder regularly.

7. Online Application Portal

The online application portal for winter semester 2022/23 is closed.