Language Tandem

Peer-based Language Learning

In a language tandem, two people come together to teach each other their native languages through normal, casual conversations. By conversing with another native speaker, you gain valuable and realistic speaking experience in a foreign language and can get immediate feedback and tips from your partner. Best of all, you’re also helping your partner learn your native language as well.

Tandems are a very helpful way to supplement regular language courses or to dust off the cobwebs if you haven’t spoken a particular language in a while. Apart from learning the language, you’ll also to discover interesting new things about your partner’s culture and home country. Language tandems provide valuable intercultural experience which can transfer to your future career, and they can even lead to lasting friendships!

By practicing with a single person, you can quickly arrange times to meet and find common topics of interest. There are no formal requirements to join our language tandem programme, so if you’re interested in applying, just send us an e-mail and we’ll connect you to a tandem partner for your language pair.

ATTENTION: You can now find all relevant information in our Language Tandem Moodle course