HSRW Astronomy Club

Did you ever catch yourself staring into the stars and wondering what you actually see out there? What wonders the infinite depth of space might hold? This is what the HSRW Astronomy Club deals with every Friday evening. Students from all three faculties in Kleve gather and discover together some of the mysteries in the skies.

Kleve’s First Planetarium Show

"I wish we had a planetarium in our university." said a student.

"That would be so cool," said another student.

"Never mind. We'll make our own!" said the professor.

By: Chetna Krishna

HSRW Submarine Team

Chasing underwater gold

Designing, building and racing a human-powered submarine is a goal that can only be achieved by a team of dedicated, enthusiastic and motivated individuals working together, sharing complementary knowledge and skills. The team is drawn from all faculties of the university. Engineers design the machine, Makers build it, Divers get it moving, Programmers keep it on course, and Management makes it all happen. 

Read on for how you can get involved.

Rhine-Waal Racing

Getting Started with an Electric Race Car

Rhine Waal Racing is a team of enthusiastic students keen on motorsports with a difference. The eventual goal is to enter one of the Formula Student races in the electric competition. The university's first car is slowly taking shape. There's some miles to go yet, but the first parts are slowly rolling out of the mill.