HSRW Submarine Team

Chasing underwater gold

Designing, building and racing a human-powered submarine is a goal that can only be achieved by a team of dedicated, enthusiastic and motivated individuals working together, sharing complementary knowledge and skills. The team is drawn from all faculties of the university. Engineers design the machine, Makers build it, Divers get it moving, Programmers keep it on course, and Management makes it all happen. 

Read on for how you can get involved.


Human-powered submarine racing is a unique engineering and sporting challenge. The concept is essentially an underwater bicycle: a flooded submarine which encloses a scuba diver and whose propulsion power must all come from the diver's muscles. The submarines, from universities all around the world, are run against the clock at races in the UK, US and France. The HSRW Submarine Team has taken part in a race every year since its inception in 2012, holding its own against some of the world's biggest universities, bringing home trophies for design and medals for performance.

This year, the team is building a new submarine for the competition in France in spring 2019 and beginning the design work for its entry to the 2020 races in the UK. Engineers, programmers, divers and business support are all required - get in touch if you'd like to join the team.