Double Degree TAIDA & Biological Resources


Students of the Biological Resources study programme have the opportunity to complete a double degree research master’s programme in Advanced Techniques in Agricultural and Food Research and Development (TAIDA) at the Technical University of Cartagena (UPCT) and get degrees awarded by both universities.

Technical University of Cartagena

The Technical University of Cartagena is both a city and a campus university. The historical city of Cartagena belongs to the autonomous province of Murcia. Cartagena is located in the southeast of Spain, right on the Mediterranean Sea.

Double degree programme

The TAIDA master's degree programme is based on research carried out by the Higher Technical School of Agriculture Engineering at UPCT on the one hand, and on the technological development of the Spanish agricultural and food sector on the other hand. The courses of TAIDA are offered in Spanish. However, students from HSRW are offered courses in English to acquire the necessary amount of credits to obtain the degree.

Study plan

HSRW students have to attended the first two semsters (60 ECTS credits) in the master's degree programme in Biological Resources and are entitled to continue their curriculum for the last two semesters (60 ECTS credits) at UPCT, finalising the final master’s thesis with a colloquium in Spain.

1st Semester 2nd Semester 3rd + 4th Semesters

HSRW students at HSRW

Master’s program “Biological resources”

HSRW students at HSRW

Master’s program “Biological resources”

HSRW students at UPCT

Master’s program “TAIDA”

Compulsory modules


Compulsory modules


Elective modules


Elective module


Elective module as part of master’s thesis


Practical training in company / laboratory


Lecture series / research project


Research Project as part of master’s thesis


Master’s thesis

15 ECTS + 5 ECTS thesis presentation (colloquium)

Total CP = 30 Total CP = 30 Total CP = 60


At UPCT, HSRW students must take eight subjects for a total of 32 ECTS, perform obligatory practical training in a company or laboratoy, write a master’s thesis and finlly present it in a colloquium in order to complete the degree programme. HSRW students produce the final master’s thesis in English. The thesis is defined and reviewed by supervisors from both universities and presented by the students in accordance with the local regulations of UPCT.

Since there is a difference in the amount of credits given for the final thesis, a special regulation was devised for students pursuing a double degree: in agreement with two supervisors from both universities, the modules “applied research project” and the elective module “lecture series” (5 ECTS each) must match the topic of the master’s thesis.

All credits and grades awarded by UPCT to students taking part in this double degree programme will be recognised by HSRW.

Programme requirements

Students wishing to participate in the programme must satisfy all programme admission criteria of the host institution.

  • It is essential that HSRW students present proof (certificate, transcript) of having completed their Bachelor of Science studies and of being enrolled or having completed the first two semesters (60 ECTS credits) of the master's programme Biological Resources at HSRW, which in turn will be accepted by UPCT.
  • English language level of B2 or equivalent.

Application and admission of HSRW students at UPCT

Application deadlines for a slot at UPCT are on

         15th January, with studies commencing in winter semester

         30th April, with studies commencing in summer semester

Detailed information on application will be communicated to all students via email by the International Center beginning in December and/or April accordingly.

Stays within the European Union are generally funded by Erasmus+. The application process for the double degree programme also includes an application for Erasmus+ so that no additional application for funding is necessary.

If their application was successful, students will be enrolled at UPCT as regular students.

Tuition fees and costs

Students who participate in this double degree programme will pay only the regular university administration fees. No further tuition costs will be charged by the host institution.

At UPCT, students have to pay administration fees for title applications and issuing of €215.00 in total (amount valid for summer semester 2018).

Students must cover all travel expenses (passport, visa and international transport costs), accommodation and other living expenses, medical insurance, etc. UPCT will provide assistance with finding accomodation for students participating in the degree programme.

Course-specific advise

Professor Dr-Ing. Frank Platte

Phone: +49 (2821) 806 73-216

Email: Frank Platte

Consultation hours:

Thursdays 6 - 8 p.m., Room 11 03 024